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Withdrawal of the CRO Card, is it an inconvenience or an opportunity?

The withdrawal of the CRO Card, is it an inconvenience or an opportunity?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has withdrawn the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card.

This means:

  • CSCS stopped issuing CRO cards from 31st March 2017
  • CRO cards issued since 1st October 2015 will expire on 30th September 2017*
  • CRO cardholders must take further steps to replace their CRO cards before they expire.

The removal of the CRO card affects over 230,000 CRO card holders. In many cases CRO card holders will be required to register for existing or newly developed qualifications. But what about those who have developed their skills and have been given the responsibility of supervising the works?

CADUK believe that these individuals should undertake the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Works Supervision (OWS3) as this is the most relevant qualification for those individuals and gain the Gold CSCS card. This all part of an individuals professional development. People need to be given the opportunity to move forward in their careers and this is the right route to take.

For those CRO card holders who are Supervising their specific occupation (Ganger) a simple way of determining whether you have access to the OWS3 & Gold CSCS card is to examine the list of competencies below. If you can honestly say that you carry out the functions of all the mandatory units (units 1-5) and two of the optional units (units 6-11) you will be able to access the Supervisors CSCS Gold card and the qualification.

Group A – Mandatory units

Unit 1 – Confirming work activities and resources for an occupational work area in the workplace
Unit 2 – Developing and maintaining good occupational working relationships in the workplace
Unit 3 – Confirming the occupational method of work in the workplace
Unit 4 – Implementing and maintaining health, safety and welfare in the workplace
Unit 5 – Co-ordinating and organising Work operations in the workplace

Group B – Optional units

Unit 6 – Allocating and monitoring the use of plant and equipment in the workplace
Unit 7 – Monitoring progress of work against schedules in the workplace
Unit 8 – Confirming work meets quality standards in the workplace
Unit 9 – Implementing procedures to support the team’s performance in the workplace
Unit 10 – Co-ordinating and confirming dimensional control requirements of the work in the workplace
Unit 11 – Contributing to the circulation of construction related project information in the workplace

For more information on how you can achieve this qualification and the CSCS Gold card in just one assessment visit via our express route please give us a call on (01952) 292 005 or visit our web site www.caduk.co.uk

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2 Comments on “Withdrawal of the CRO Card, is it an inconvenience or an opportunity?

  1. karl say: 8 months ago Reply

    can I claim my money back from my cro card as I paid and completed the course and is valid until 2020 thanks so I am not getting the full use.. thanks

    1. nasprey say: 8 months ago Reply

      Hi Karl,

      CRO cards issued before October 2015 will remain valid until their expiry date. All related occupation cards issued by the following Partner Card Schemes, SKILLcard (Construction Related Occupation), ECS (Related Disciplines), JIB-UK PHMES (Plumbing Related Occupation), will also remain valid until their expiry date.

      Thanks – CADUK

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