Construction Managers – you don’t know what you know

Most construction managers with no formal academic qualifications have no idea how much they know, and even worse, they don’t know the value of what they know. They are worried that:

Everyone I work with knows it already…
What I do is just common sense…
Lots of people know a lot more than me…
It’s pretty easy, most of the time I do it without thinking about it…

This often leads to them not reaching their full potential whilst more inexperienced people with university degrees and not as much workplace experience end up with more successful careers.

In simple terms in order to be able to VALUE what you do, you have to get what you know out of your head. You need to reflect on your own practice, you need to be asked lots of relevant questions about your job, write down or verbalise your answers professionally, present other types of evidence to back your responses. Whatever you do; you have to get it out there and share it with other Construction professionals who are in a position to appreciate and measure what you have achieved.

If you are prepared to undertake some self reflective practice we at CADUK can ensure that you achieve much more than just the satisfaction of knowing what you know, we can also help you achieve the highest competence based assessment qualification in the Built Environment. This qualification provides access to Membership of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), Membership of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (MCABE), AssocRICS, Black CSCS card and much more.

The Qualification we are suggesting that most senior construction managers should undertake is the Edexcel Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management or alternatively if your role is more on the Management of the design process you should undertake the Edexcel Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Built Environment Design and Consultancy Practice.

Our experience suggests that a lot of construction managers believe that this qualification is beyond them because they never went to university or they currently work for smaller sub-contractors etc. These managers often approach us to inquire about Supervisory & Managerial qualifications at Levels 3,4, 5, 6 and 7, and are realise that they actually have access to a Qualification that is comparable to Masters Degree.

Let us help you.

Unlike some training providers we will never enrol you on a qualification unless we are 100% sure that you have the required skills, knowledge and experience to achieve it.

For more information just give us a call on (01952) 292 005 or visit our web site www.caduk.co.uk where you can download the appropriate profile tool to find out if you fit the criteria for these qualifications




Women in Construction – Have you considered becoming a Chartered Member of the Institute of Building

Are you aware that only 7% of the total membership of the CIOB are Ladies? Judging by the calibre of the female members of the Linkedin Group National Association of Women in Construction. CADUK see no reason why they cannot achieve this status and are determined to help more females attain this prestigious designation. Many people have the impression that the CIOB is an ‘old boys club’ and was only accessible to those with Degree in Construction Management. CADUK believe that the CIOB are really taking steps to change that image.

For example 50% of the CIOBs board members are females including the Deputy Chief Executive Bridget Bartlett. Another example of the CIOB breaking the shackles of the past was the introduction of the Fast Track Route to membership for anyone holding or studying for an Edexcel Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management .This means that individuals would no longer need to take a professional competence assessment in order to complete the CIOB’s Professional Review process and become chartered.

Candidates are able to present their Level 7 qualification certificate as evidence of meeting the Professional Review competence criteria along with a short application form detailing their CPD, training and commitment to the Institute’s code of conduct.

This shortened vocational route to membership considerably and gave confidence to those who were put off by the long winded, male dominated selection process and the increasing costs of academic study. The process also reduced duplication and bureaucracy in terms of the learners/applicants not having to produce the same or similar evidence again or undergoing the highly subjective Professional Interview Panel, mainly consisting of male interviewers.

CADUK have found that Construction Managers without formal qualifications working at higher levels within the industry have benefited greatly because of this initiative, but unfortunately very few of the beneficiaries are Ladies. Why is this?  because the benefits are almost instantaneous in terms personal recognition and increased work opportunities.

Please contact CADUK if you are interested in attaining MCIOB through the NVQ7 route on (01952) 292 005 or send us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you.

Here are few reviews from some of our past learners who have achieved the Edexcel Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management and are now Members of the Chartered Institute of Building. Fantastic feedback, unfortunately no reviews from any Ladies.

Michael O’Byrne MCIOB (NVQ7 Achievement October 2015)

I recently completed the NVQ Level 7 in Senior Construction Management and immediately went on to get my CSCS Black Management Card. I then successfully applied for MCIOB, Chartered Construction Manager. The support and encouragement I got from Gary Pollard and his team was fantastic. This has opened up a lot of doors for me and I highly recommend using CAD UK.


Mark Mills MCIOB (NVQ7 Achievement April 2016)

I have recently completed a NVQ Level 7 in senior construction and found the support and help offered by CADUK to be invaluable they were there to assist and offer guidance throughout the entire process from initial profiling and the choosing of modules through to final assessment.

If you are looking to undertake a course I would highly recommend them.


Andrew Lee MCIOB (NVQ 7 Achievement March 2016)

Having recently completed the NVQ Level 7 in Senior Construction Management, I could not recommend CADUK highly enough.

The support throughout was excellent, even helping me to prepare for my MCIOB application.


Darren  Allen FCIOB, MRICs (NVQ Achivement April 2014)

The opportunity to study with ‘CADUK’ provided me a platform for the future. CADUK are an organisation located within the UK who serve a global market with a local approach in competency based qualifications tailored to the construction industry.

The support from Day 1 from the staff and the mentors makes the journey a seamless one, the whole experience revolves around an individual’s effort to allocate the required time to complete the modules.If done successfully the period of obtaining the NVQ Level 7 can be a matter of weeks.

The NVQ Level 7 personally was two fold, fulfilling a long term goal to achieve Chartered Membership with the CIOB, and a platform to start a doctorate program in business administration. Keep up the good work!


Arash Noori FCIOB, Assoc RICs (NVQ7 Achievement Febuary 2014)

If you want recognition at the highest level and to become a Chartered Builder or Consultant via distant learning courses then the NVQ7 course is the perfect solution.

Gary and his team have helped my through out the whole course and boosted my confidence. I can not praise them enough. As a small building company owner this was an ideal route.

Once passed the Diploma I became an Associate member of RICS and have since become a Fellow of the Institute of Building. Fantastic result!


David Andrews w/t MCIOB (NVQ7 Achievement April 2016)

I have recently completed my NVQ Level 7 in Construction Senior Management and I cannot speak highly enough of all members of their team.

They provided me with an excellent service throughout and it was money well spent. I gained a vast amount of knowledge from each completed unit and it has already shown its benefits with instant career progression.

Thank you to you all at CADUK.


Murray Arnold w/t MCIOB (NVQ7 Achievement Febuary 2016)

In 2014 I contacted CADUK regarding personal development. Mr Pollard from CADUK was extremely helpful in giving me all the information that i required. CADUK were fast and professional in their mentor-ship. They encouraged me and pointed me in the right direction regarding my goals. This is the first step of my mature learning process and without CADUK supporting me i would not be where I am today. I am focused and now have my direction.

I thoroughly recommend others in the business to embark on professional recognition. You will hit a brick wall that is un-scaleable without it.

Thanks CADUK for all your support.



Congratulations Murray Arnold on attaining MCIOB and AssocRICS through the NVQ7

Murray like many other construction managers had worked his way up through the ranks while working overseas in extremely demanding locations and positions – this was when experience counted for everything.

For 14 years he worked as a military construction contractor, however he saw this market closing and decided to make the move to Oil and Gas. He quickly found out that experience, no mater how much, was simply not enough. He now needed professional recognition and Planned development process to give him more opportunities.

Murray contacted CADUK who established that the NVQ 7 in Construction Senior Management was the perfect route for him, because on achievement he would have direct access to MCIOB and AssocRICS. This would be achievable despite Murray being located in the Middle East as the CADUK ePortfolio system offers the opportunity achieve the qualification totally online.

He is now delighted to have achieved all his goals. He was also sent a letter letter from the CIOB confirming recognition that his MCIOB achievement is recognised as degree level and is currently having this attested by the Kuwait government.

Murray can now look forward to enjoying a higher status within the business and a better monetary package.

Well done Murray!

To find about more about the Fast-Track routes to MCIOB and AssocRICS through the NVQ Level 7 (totally online) contact CADUK on (01952) 292 005 or send us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you.



What it means to be a CIOB member

CADUK offer a number of NVQs that lead to Fast Track Membership of the Chartered Institute of Building. But what does this recognition really mean to the individual?

Please watch the video below:

If you would like more information on how you can become a member of the Chartered Institute of Building through the NVQ Fast-Track route, please visit our website www.caduk.co.uk or call us on (01952) 292 005.



CIOB Declare Edexcel Pearson only NVQ route to MCIOB

Anyone holding a CSkills NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management will have until the 1st of Septemer 2017 to apply for CIOB membership. After that deadline date only those holding an Edexcel Pearson NVQ 7 will be able to apply for MCIOB through the very popular Fast Track Route.

This is because CSkills Awards have taken the decision to withdraw from a recognition agreement with the CIOB. This is due to a range of reasons but mostly because CSkills Awards declined to meet the rigorous Quality Assurance requirement of the CIOB, who insist that each NVQ portfolio is assessed and externally verified by a CIOB member to try and ensure the correct standards are met.

The Level 7 Fast Track route to membership was designed by the CIOB to help Construction Managers who were put off by the cost of higher education, and reduce duplication and bureaucracy.

Whilst other professional institutions give priority to academic qualifications, the CIOB have recognised that the level 7 NVQs in Construction Management have an academic and competence value comparable to a master degree.  [as confirmed by the national Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)].

CADUK can confirm that all learners who have achieved the NVQ Level 7 Qualification have benefited enormously from the experience and from gaining access to MCIOB. Greatly enhancing their reputations, employment opportunities and increased earning potential.

For more information about higher level NVQs and their access to chartered status with the CIOB, please visit our website www.caduk.co.uk or contact us on (01952) 292 005.




CSkills Withdraw from NVQ Agreement with CIOB

CSkills Awards have taken the decision to withdraw from a recognition agreement with the CIOB.  As a result the CIOB will no longer recognise any NVQ diplomas or other awards conferred by CSkills Awards. Holders of NVQ diplomas or other awards conferred by CSkills Awards have until 1 September 2017 to apply for CIOB membership.

In real terms this means that learners who wish to engage with NVQs at higher levels as a means of gaining access to MCIOB need to enroll with an Edexcel/Pearson accredited centre.

For more information regarding MCIOB and the NVQ routes to achievement please visit our website www.caduk.co.uk or contact us on (01952) 292 005.

Source: CIOB



Important Changes to the Red Trainee CSCS Card


As from 1st August 2016, SSSTS, SMSTS and NEBOSH General will not be accepted to routes to the Red Trainee CSCS Card.

From the above date the following changes to Trainee cards will be introduced:

  • Only one Trainee card (irrespective of occupation) will be available
  • The card will be red in colour and clearly marked “Trainee”
  • The occupation will not be displayed on the reverse of the card. It will simply say Trainee
  • The card will be valid for 5 years and will be non-renewable
  • Prior to applying for a card an applicant must register for a CSCS recognised construction related qualification
  • SSSTS, SMSTS and NEBOSH General will not be accepted as routes to a Trainee card
  • Applicants for a Trainee Card must have completed the appropriate CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test within the last 2 years.
  • Applicants must complete their qualification before the Trainee card expires
  • On completion of their qualification applicants can move onto a skilled CSCS card

This is due the industry telling CSCS that the acceptance of qualifications not based on a National Occupational Standard (i.e NVQs) is causing confusion amongst card holders and their employers.

SSSTS, SMSTS and NEBOSH General do have value in terms of professional development and access to work but as they are not based on an National Occupational Standard (i.e NVQs) they do not lead to a skilled Blue, Gold or Black CSCS card as many card holders mistakenly believe.

If you need any advice or information on the above please or to find out which NVQ is suited to your skills and experience please visit our web site on www.caduk.co.uk or contact us on (01952) 292 005.


Source: CSCS