Site Managers – you don’t know what you know

“You don’t know what you know!” I say that every day to Construction Site Managers who inquire about undertaking the Edexcel Pearson NVQ Level 6 in Construction Site Management. The majority of them are enquiring about the qualification only because they have to undertake the qualification (to gain access to the Black CSCS card) not because they want to.

Most are unaware of the skills, knowledge and experience they have naturally developed over the years. Despite their vast experience their self-confidence has taken a bit of a battering – largely because they have come from the tools and have never undertaken any high level qualifications, and also the disparaging attitude (or perceived attitude) of some colleagues who have entered the industry via the achievement of a University Degree and have some form of professional status.

In my opinion this insecurity not only hinders the individual’s prospects for further advancement and employment opportunities, it also damages the reputation of the whole Construction industry. It creates the impression that construction sites are run by unqualified and therefore unprofessional people.

What these individuals don’t realise is that they have power to change their view of themselves and the perception of others by undertaking a Site Management qualification that is broadly comparable to an Bachelors Degree.

The importance attached to being qualified to carry out a Site Management function in construction has grown significantly in the eyes of employers and clients across all sectors of the industry. Being qualified to carry out your job role is without doubt what most employers and clients initially use to measure competence. They want proof that individuals have both the knowledge and technical ability to carry out a job role in the work place to a recognised industry standard or benchmark.

The industry benchmark for the construction site manager is not a Degree, its not an HNC,  HND, or an SMSTS Cert, non of these will help you gain access to a black cscs card, it is the NVQ 6 in Construction Site Management and only those who have a story to tell, (those who don’t yet know what they know) can prove they carry out that occupational role have access to it.

Unlike some training providers we will never enrol you on a qualification unless we are 100% sure that you have the required skills, knowledge and experience to achieve it. With CADUK all our assessors are Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Building (FCIOB) and are skilled in being able to extract the right information/evidence from you in a way that suits your individual needs and confidence.

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