Level 6&7 NVQs in Construction Management – A life changing decision!

The vast majority of experienced managers in the Construction Industry are aware of the immediate benefit of achieving an NVQ 6 or 7 in Construction Management i.e. access to work through the Black CSCS card.  But very few in our experience really appreciate the life changing decision they are making when they initially select the training provider who will support them through a qualification that has the potential to change the way they perceive themselves, how they are perceived by others (Employers, colleagues, recruitment agencies, Construction professionals, Joe public) and ultimately the powerful effect these qualifications will have on their career progression

Unfortunately due to the way some training providers market and conduct these qualifications (particularly at Managerial levels) many individuals and employers never get to appreciate the true value of these qualifications.

It is important to remember that these NVQS are at Levels 6 & 7 and are comparable to Bachelor/Master Degrees and therefore should not be treated simply as a tick box achievement. It is impossible for any individual to take any meaningful credit from a degree level qualification that has essentially been done for them or sold in the same way as a supermarket special offer: ‘two for one’ ‘20% off Xmas special’ etc. Ask yourself the question, would a university offer a degree level qualifications in a way that totally undermines their value? When you consider that a Degree in Construction Management will not get you access to a Black CSCS card and is effectively only a platform to enter the construction industry, which qualification has the most value to the experienced construction manager?

Training providers should be able to demonstrate their commitment to delivering work based qualifications appropriately through their attitude to learning & development, professionalism and their respect for the qualifications and the individual’s they are assessing.  For example all CADUK assessors at Level 6&7 are Member/Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Building. A number of these Assessors came to CADUK  with no formal qualifications as learners on our Level 6 & 7 programmes and gained so much from the experience that wanted to train as assessors themselves to get involved in helping and supporting others. This why CADUK have access to so many construction professionals as assessors, because we have been instrumental in their personal/professional development.

So when selecting an NVQ provider to undertake a Construction Management NVQ please be aware that this is a life changing decision, consider the full implications of what you are embarking on. Depending on your experiences it could be the platform from which you can build on your career or it could end up being the last time you really undertake anything worthwhile.


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