Become an NVQ Assessor with CADUK

There are a great many experienced managers (Clerk of Works/Quality Inspectors) in the construction industry missing out on a qualification (NVQs) that will open up new opportunities for work. Its especially important these days with the COVID pandemic.

The NVQ assessment process might seem less rigorous than an academic qualification, but don’t let this fool you. Experienced Construction Managers have earned the right to be assessed for an NVQ through the school of hard knocks, they have developed their skills over time, worked long hours and have undergone huge personnel sacrifices to have access to these qualifications.

CADUK are specialists in the delivery of the Senior Site Inspection Level 6 which is directly related to what the Clerk on Works does on site.

So if you are interested in developing yourself further give us a call on (01952) 287 484.


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