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The Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management is designed for managers on site who are responsible for leading projects, controlling standards and evaluating work. Learners are expected to be employed already in site management roles, overseeing, or starting to oversee larger projects and sites with the authority, accountability and decision-making, which comes with site management roles, in their respective discipline/s. They may work across one or more of the following disciplines: Civil Engineering, Highways Maintenance, Residential Development, Conservation and Demolition.

How does the Fast-Track assessment work?

CADUK are now offering this qualification though our unique Fast-Track assessment process. Our fast-track assessment is conducted verbally through a series of recorded ‘professional discussions’ with your assessor. This method involves no written work. Your assessor will initially request a number of workplace documents (i.e. such as RAMS, toolbox talk, phase plan, H&S audit, drawings, programme, etc) to be submitted to them electronically. Once your assessor has viewed and approved these documents you will arrange a series of sessions (usually conducted through skype/teams/zoom/etc) where you will work through the 19 units of the qualification through discussion.

How long does the fast-track assessment take?

It is expected that the qualification will be completed in less than one month through the fast-track assessment route. This route is particularly beneficial for those whose CSCS cards need urgent renewal or upgrade.

Is this fast-track route accessible to all Site Managers?

Unfortunately not, this fast-track assessment is only appropriate for established site managers that are time-served – generally with 2+ years experience and confident in their role. These managers will have already gained the skills, knowledge and experience required to complete this qualification on the job, over time, in a real construction-site environment. We aren’t teaching you how to become an site manager through this fast-track route, you’re proving to us that you’re already doing it competently and safely.

This fast-track assessment route is therefore not suitable for assistant site managers or those who are still developing their abilities as a site manager and/or have only been in the role for a short time. For less experienced site managers we recommend that they complete the qualification through the ‘standard’ assessment. This method involves the candidate using our online ePortfolio portal and working their way through the 19 units answering each question with a short written response and attaching the evidence that validates their written work. Typically learners choosing this method complete the NVQ within around 3-4 months.

Assistant site managers may also consider the Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Supervision.

Am I eligible for the Fast-Track assessment?

Before we enrol candidates onto any of our NVQs we ask them to complete a profile tool (click here to download it) and send it back to us with a copy of their CV for one of our assessors to review. The assessor will contact the candidate directly for a brief discussion; essentially to make absolutely sure that they have access to the qualification both in terms of experience and the availability of the necessary workplace documentation and to assess whether the candidate would be suitable for the Fast-Track or the Standard assessment route.

How much does the qualification cost?

The qualification costs £1850 + VAT. This includes registration fees etc.

Can I get some more information?

If you need more information on the Level 6 NVQ and our unique fast-track assessment process please contact CADUK on 01952 287 366.

We also also encourage you to take a look at our Google reviews (click here).

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