Become an NVQ Assessor with CADUK

According to a recent article in Construction Manager magazine, a fifth of all vacancies in the construction industry remain hard to fill because employers cannot find staff with the right skills, qualifications or experience – and at senior construction management the situation only gets worse.

Over the years CADUK have qualified hundreds of learners Managerial NVQs at Level 7. Most Level 7s have continued their professional development by becoming Members/Fellows of The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

Some of our learners enjoyed the assessment process so much that they went on to become CADUK NVQ assessors themselves. They wanted to give something back to the industry and to help other construction professionals just like them to develop themselves and their careers.

This is where the (MCIOB) NVQ assessor comes in, he’s been through the process himself, he understands that it’s essentially one qualified construction professional determining whether or not their candidate is also a competent construction professional and enabling them to achieve the formal recognition that they deserve.

Becoming an (MCIOB) NVQ assessor is more simple than you might think even in this COVID environment.  A realistic time-frame to become and assessor is 6-8 weeks. CADUK train our own assessors in-house. Initially there is one day of theory/learning which we carry out on TEAMS, followed by a live assessment of one of the candidates going through the professional discussion and an observation of performance.

The cost to become a qualified (MCIOB) NVQ assessor is ZERO all you have to do is bring 3 Level 7 candidates (paying) with you.

If you’re interested in becoming an (MCIOB) NVQ assessor (and perhaps joining the CADUK assessment team, please give us call 01952 287 366.

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