Most individuals and employers in the Construction Industry are aware of the immediate benefits of achieving NVQs at every level i.e. access to CSCS & CPCS cards, access to professional status with CIOB, IOSH & access to increased workplace opportunities.

Unfortunately due to the way some training providers conduct the assessment process (particularly at Supervisory & Managerial levels) many individuals and employers get short changed and never get to realise the hidden advantages of actually EARNING their qualification.

It is important to remember that some of these NVQS are at Levels 6 & 7 and are comparable to Bachelor/Master Degrees. In our opinion it is impossible for any individual to take any meaningful credit from a qualification that has essentially been done for them.

Experienced people can gain so much by actually going on a journey of self reflective practice and empowering themselves with knowledge by taking ownership of the qualification and then being judged and challenged honestly and professionally by an industry expert.

Our learners have provided us with the following feedback because we have asked them to take ownership of the assessment process:

  • I now have a much clearer understanding of my responsibilities within my chosen area of expertise.
  • The qualification provided me with an opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge and to bring fresh ideas to the workplace.
  • The qualification allowed me to become more focused on how to develop my career which led to instant career progression.
  • The qualification helped give me the confidence to stand up for myself and others in a fair and consistent manner.
  • The qualification helped give me the confidence to say no when asked to take on unnecessary and inappropriate work or obligations.
  • The qualification helped give me the confidence to yes because in more and more situations I am no longer in fear of failure.

So when selecting an NVQ provider to undertake a qualification, please consider whether you are getting real value for your money, not just in terms of the immediate benefits but also the hidden benefits which actually turn out to be just as beneficial in the long term.


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