Can existing Construction Managers close the “Construction Skills Gap”?

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Can existing Construction Managers close the “Construction Skills Gap”?

According to an article in Construction Manager magazine about a fifth of all vacancies in the construction industry remain hard to fill because employers cannot find staff with the right skills, qualifications or experience.

From our experience at CADUK delivering Construction Managerial NVQs we believe that the real problem is not necessarily a lack of skills and experience of the construction manager, it is the lack of a measurable proof of these skills in the form of a competence based qualification (NVQ). This often precludes them from certain employment opportunities because employers and recruitment agencies cannot engage with them as they cannot meet the clients minimum requirements for qualifications (NVQs), industry accreditation (CSCS) and professional status (CIOB, ICWCI, IOSH).

Many construction managers with no formal qualifications have no idea how much they know, and even worse, they don’t know the value of what they know. Our most popular qualifications are at Level 6 and 7 (comparable to bachelor and Master Degree Qualifications), most people who eventually enrol and successfully achieve these qualifications are initially hesitant to engage because it does seem that their confidence has taken a battering over the years because of a variety of reasons.

In simple terms in order to gain these high level qualifications and gain access to these employment opportunities individuals need to start to VALUE what they do, they have to get what they know out of their head. They need to present types of work evidence to meet certain criteria and verbalise their answers professionally to a workplace competent assessor to accurately reflect on their own practice. They need to share what they know with with other Construction professionals who are in a position to appreciate and measure what they have achieved. What is there to worry about.

Let us help you.

If you are prepared to undertake some self reflective practice, we at CADUK can ensure that you gain access to these employment opportunities by helping you match your skills and experience to the right qualifications which will provide access to Black CSCS Cards and professional status with the CIOB, ICWCI, IOSH etc

We will never enrol you on a qualification unless we are 100% sure that you have the required skills, knowledge and experience to achieve it and we will provide you with assessors who are amongst the most experienced and qualified in the construction industry.

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