Fast Track Gold CSCS Card For Construction Supervisors!

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Fast Track Gold CSCS Card For Construction Supervisors!

Gangers (i.e. those who supervise a particular trade – such as formworkers, steelfixers, construction operatives, labourers etc) can access the CSCS Gold Card through CADUK’s unique “fast-track” assessment of the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision.

Is this route accessible to all Gangers?

Yes, this assessment is appropriate for all Gangers that are experienced and confident in their role. They will be expected to have been in the role for at least 2 years to be eligible. They will have already gained the skills, knowledge and experience required to complete this qualification on the job, over time, in a real construction-site environment.

Don’t forget, we aren’t teaching you how to become a Ganger, you’re proving to us that you’re already doing it competently and safely. Our process can now also be assessed totally online, from distance via Zoom!

Candidates will need to do some preparation beforehand by gathering the required evidence in the form of site photographs, videos, and documentation (this will include things like RAMS, Programme, Toolbox Talk, Induction, Labour and Plant Allocation Sheet, Daily Diary, Permits to Work, Near Miss Report etc)

Once our assessor has approved this evidence, the 8 units of the qualification be be completed through discussion via Zoom.

This online process not only enables the qualification be completed very quickly, it also enables Gangers all over the UK to access this qualification regardless of their location.

Do I need to already have qualifications in the occupation that I’m supervising?

No, it is expected that Gangers will already have completed a Level 2 NVQ and hold the Blue CSCS card in their specialist trade/occupation in order to enrol onto this Level 3 qualification, but is not essential.

How much does the qualification cost?

The qualification costs £950 + VAT. This includes registration fees etc.

How can I apply for this?

The first stage of the process is for one of our assessor to confirm that the Level 3 NVQ is the most suitable qualification and that candidates and capable of achieving this qualification. First, you will need to complete our Profile Tool (questionnaire) and send it back to us.

Please Click Here To Download The Initial Profile Tool.

One of our assessors will then call you back to confirm that the qualification is achievable. Once the assessor has approved you to enrol onto the Level 3 NVQ you can start the process at any time.

How can I get some more information?

For more information on the Level 3 NVQ and our unique assessment process please Click Here or give us a call on 01952 287 366.

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