Built Environment Design and Consultancy Practice NVQ Level 7

Pearson Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Built Environment Design and Consultancy Practice

The Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Built Environment Design and Consultancy Practice is for Design Managers (also known as Design Coordinators or Design and Build Managers) directly responsible for directing design projects as well as the teams that deliver design solutions.

In addition to managing the design team and the design process using his/her commercial, contractual and technical expertise, they will also advise the client as to the requirements in the development of a building design regarding current legislation, standards and codes of practice. They will work to ensure design information is of the appropriate quality and keeps pace with project timescales.

There are two pathways for this qualification:

  • Pathway 1 is for design managers that direct or lead Built Environment design teams.
  • Pathway 2 is for design specialists that run their own consultancy businesses
CSCS Black Manager Card

What are the benefits of this Level 7 NVQ?

Frequently asked questions

All of our assessors for the Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Built Environment Design and Consultancy Practice are Members or Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). They are highly experienced, qualified construction professionals who are in a position to add real value to your qualification.

We carefully select a particular assessor for each individual learner to ensure that your workplace experiences are aligned and that the feedback and guidance provided is useful, relevant and rewarding.

Your assessor will provide advice and feedback on request via phone, Skype, email and through our ePortfolio system.

Once the Level 7 NVQ has been achieved, your assessor and our centre staff will continue to provide advice and guidance throughout your application for Membership of The Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB).

Achievement of this level 7 NVQ is entirely down to the learner’s own motivation.

We provide support for a period of 12 months, however this qualification is realistically achievable within 3-6 months.

At NVQ Level 7 (i.e. managerial level) an on-site observation only has limited value. On-site observation can be time consuming and costly.

CADUK can provide on-site assessment at this level if this is deemed to be a necessary exercise, although generally we carry out the assessment interactively online though our bespoke ePortfolio system.

Learners are required to respond to criteria by collating evidence which occurs naturally within their work to demonstrate particular skills. The assessor will go through the evidence that has been collected to ensure that all the areas of the NVQ have been covered.

This online process enables us to provide much better individual support than traditional on-site support methods, allowing the individual the opportunity to achieve the qualification in a much shorter time frame, and from any internet connected computer anywhere in the world.

This NVQ at Level 7 is comparable to a Masters Degree in terms of academic value.

Academic qualifications such as HNCs/HNDs/degrees are an opportunity to enter an industry.

Competence-based qualifications however are far more relevant to the experienced construction manager because they provide recognition of skills, knowledge, experience and confidence that has already been developed over time in the industry.

This Level 7 NVQ in Construction Senior Management enables you to gain fast-track Chartered Membership with the CIOB through the Shortened Professional Review.

On completion of the NVQ Level 7 you can apply for MCIOB immediately. Since the NVQ is proof of professional competency, your Professional Review will be shorter than normal.

You only need to complete a short application form focusing on your ethics and professional judgement.

Achievement of this Level 7 NVQ enables individuals to apply for professional status with the following organisations:

Learners that take advantage of these memberships will be eligible to use the following post-nominal letters after their name:

John Smith MCIOB, AssocRICS, C.Build E, MCABE

Once enrolled onto this qualification you will be eligible to apply for the Red Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager CSCS card right away. This card is issued on a temporary basis and demonstrates that you are working towards an NVQ.

Once the NVQ has been completed the Red CSCS card can be upgraded to the CSCS Black Card.

NVQs are UK regulated qualifications, they are valid for life and do not expire.

CADUK are an Award Winning NVQ centre that have delivered over 1000 construction-related NVQs.

The online ePortfolio system that we developed ourselves was recently recognised at the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Star Awards at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow for our “unique approach to delivering qualifications”.

We strongly believe that the true value of an NVQ is only realised when the qualification has been earned. Experienced people can gain so much by actually going on a journey of self reflective practice, empowering themselves with knowledge by taking ownership of their qualification, then being judged and challenged honestly and professionally by an industry expert.

See some of our reviews further down the page, or follow this link to see what our learners are saying about us.

Qualification cost

£2400 + VAT

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Download our Initial Profile Tool below to determine if you have access to this qualification. Please note that this document requires Adobe Reader to complete. Please contact us if you need any help completing this document.

We are one of the few providers who offer this highly valuable qualification. In the future this will be the go-to qualification for senior design managers. Gary Pollard MCIOB, Managing Director

Here's what our customers are saying

Colin Christian
Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Ltd
"Just completed an NVQ7 with CADUK and found the whole process well managed and straightforward. Easy to apply, and the portfolio system allows you to work seamlessly accross a number of platforms. Good support and communications throughout from the team at CADUK and the assigned tutor for your course. A great experience and highly recommended for anyone trying to balance study with a full time role."
Jeffery Cannon MCIOB
Axiom Project Management
"I have just completed my NVQ7 with CADUK. I can't thank them enough for the help and support they provided to me. I see this qualification and its subsequent access to full membership of CIOB as an excellent way of keeping on top of your game"
Michael O'Byrne MCIOB
Colmore Tang Construction Ltd
I recently completed the NVQ Level 7 and immediately went on to get my CSCS Black Management Card. I then successfully applied for MCIOB, Chartered Construction Manager. The support and encouragement I got from the team was fantastic. This has opened up a lot of doors for me and I highly recommend using CADUK.
Neil James
West Midlands Safari Park
"Great service, support and tutorship throughout. I have developed more than I ever expected going through my Level 7 NVQ. I would highly recommend CADUK to anyone wishing to develop themselves and gain a recognised construction based NVQ qualification."
Deon Swanepoel MCIOB
Engel Construction Ltd
"I completed my NVQ7 Diploma in with CADUK. A big thanks to the team, they mentored me through this Diploma with a high level of professionalism and dedication even when times got difficult. It has been a real pleasure working with CADUK and will recommend them to all."
Ewan Davies-Smith MCIOB
Babcock International Group
"I completed my NVQ7 and found CADUK to be extremely professional from start to finish. I was working in a remote location at the time, the online portal enabled me to upload my evidence and write ups for review as I completed each part. This, along with the ability for the assessor to provide very quick feedback, showed to me why CADUK are at the forefront of delivering NVQ qualifications."

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