CADUK Level 2 NVQs in Plant & Lifting Operations Lead to the Blue CPCS Card.
CADUK provide access to BLUE CPCS Cards through our NVQs in Controlling Lifting Operations at levels 2, 4 and 5. (Slinging and Signalling, Supervising Lifts, Planning Lifts)
CADUK provide access to BLUE CPCS Cards through our NVQs in Plant Operations (Construction) and Controlling Lifting operations.

Plant & Lifting Operations NVQs

Fast-track access to the Blue CPCS Card

CADUK have a unique model of delivering our Plant and Lifting Operations (Construction) NVQs:

Please Note that these NVQs are not training courses and are only available to experienced operators.

Please select one of the qualifications below for more information or to make an enquiry:

One day assessment?

We provide a one-day assessment delivered directly on-site. Individuals will be assessed by one of our specialist Plant assessors (all of whom have vast industry experience).

The entire assessment process is captured electronically by our on-site assessor through CADUK’s bespoke recording system and incorporates four methods of assessment (Professional discussion, witness testimony, observation of performance and inspection of work products).

Am I eligible for these NVQs?

Learners must already hold a Red Trained Operator CPCS card and have a minimum of 6 months experience operating the item of plant before they can be assessed for the NVQ.

Please Note: The learner must also ensure that access to a suitable location on-site is available for the recorded discussion to take place such as a site office or similar quiet place.

Fast Track to Blue CPCS Card?

Our fast-track processing service enables candidates to apply for their Blue CPCS card within 1-5 days of the assessment taking place. This is ideal for people who’s Red CPCS cards are coming up for renewal and  therefore require a replacement card very quickly.

Access the Blue CPCS Card

Download our Plant/Lifting Operations Brochure

What is the cost of the NVQ?

Please click on qualification you require from the list below to see the cost of each NVQ. All costs shown include VAT & Registration fees.

Please Note: This list is not exhaustive, if your required item of Plant is not listed on this page please contact us to see if we are able to offer it.