CADUK Receive SQA Star Award

CADUK Receive SQA Star Award for unique and innovative approach to delivering Plant & Controlling Lifting Operations NVQs

CADUK were recently awarded a “Centre of the Year in the Wider UK” Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Star Award for our unique and innovative approach to delivering National Vocational Qualifications in Construction Plant & Controlling Lifting Operations.

The annual Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Star Awards was held at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow  and is a celebration of the outstanding achievements in education and training across Scotland, the UK and around the world.

CADUK have delivered over 1000 construction-based NVQs since 2011 via our an interactive electronic assessment process that we developed with the help of feedback from our assessor’s, learners and their employers.

We fully utilise technology to provide a unique one-day assessment delivered directly on-site.  Learners will be supported and assessed by one of our specialist Plant & Controlling Lifting Operations assessors (all of whom have vast industry experience). The aim is for the assessor, learner and their employer to work together to help capture evidence of competence that is automatically uploaded to an online area where this evidence can be shared and validated by the Centres QAC. This unique process enables CADUK to provide the learner with a document that will allow the learner to contact CITB and access their Blue CPCS card quicker than any other provider. In some cases the learner could be requesting their Blue CPCS card on the same day as their assessment takes place.

See some of our reviews further down the page, or follow this link to see what our learners are saying about us.

End of the CRO/CSO Card, is this an inconvenience or an opportunity for Construction Supervisors and Managers?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) withdrew the Construction Site Operative Card (CSO) in 2014 and stopped issuing the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card on 31st March 2017.

This means that

  •  CSO cards will be out of circulation in summer next year because they were valid for 5 years
  • CRO cards issued since 1st October 2015 will expired on 30th September 2017
  • CRO & CSO card holders must take further steps to replace their cards before they expire.

In 2012, the CRO card, which required no qualifications to obtain, accounted for a quarter of the cards in circulation, that is over 230,000 CRO card holders.  CSO cards which also required no qualifications to attain accounted for over half of the cards in circulation.  In the majority of cases CRO & CSO card holders will be required to register for existing or newly developed qualifications at operative Level, but what those who have developed their skills, knowledge and experience and are now responsible for supervising and managing the construction process?

Those Supervisors and Managers who still hold CRO and CSO card, who do not take the necessary steps to replace their cards will find they will be unable to obtain another CSCS card. These individuals need to undertake a Construction Supervisory and Management NVQ from Level 3 to Level 7 to gain access to Gold and Black CSCS cards.  Gaining measurable competence based qualifications (NVQs) is what the CSCS scheme is all about and its is all part of an individuals professional development and is good practice. People need to proactively take the opportunity to develop their careers.

There are a wide variety of competence based qualifications (NVQs) available that cover every aspect of construction supervision and management. Examples include:

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Works Supervision – for  those who contribute to the supervision of formworkers, steelfixers, construction operatives, labourers, logistics teams etc.

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Construction Contracting Operations – For those people who might be considered to be office based such as Junior estimators, quantity surveyors, buyers, planners and general contractors; also people who might be considered to be site based and carry out such functions as dimensional control, surveys, work planning and technical sales.

Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Supervision – For those who undertake the duties of construction site supervisors or assistant managers. Construction site supervisors will have responsibility for other people in their occupation and clearly be decision makers. Their duties include Controlling work progress against agreed programmes, Maintaining systems for health, safety, welfare and environmental protection and Allocating and monitoring the use of plant, equipment or machinery.

Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management – For those working in at senior site management level, e.g. those with responsibility for Controlling Project Progress, Ensuring that Work Activities and Resources Meet Project Work Requirements, and Controlling Project Quantities and Costs.

There are 5 routes to this qualification, Building & Civil Engineering, Highways and Maintenance Repair, Residential Development, Demolition and Conservation.

Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Senior Site Inspection –  For those working as site inspectors, architectural inspectors and quality inspectors. i.e. those managers who carry out the role of Clerk of Works.

These people will have responsibility for monitoring project quality and managing project progress and handover in construction.

Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Contracting Operations –  For those people will have responsibility for other people in their occupation and clearly be decision makers. These include roles such as Senior Estimators, Senior Quantity Surveyors, Senior Buyers, Senior Planners and General Contracting (This could include those who are Site Agents, Site Engineers, Site Managers, Logistics Managers, Lifting Managers, and those who carry out the role of Principal Designer (CDM Regulations 2015).

This qualification is suitable for people who might be considered to be site based and have responsibilities for functions as dimensional control, surveys, physical testing and work planning. It covers all sections of the construction cycle including all forms of construction and civil engineering. This includes functions such as maintenance and demolition and companies specialising in a single operation such as roofing, plastering and shop-fitting

Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management – For those practitioners in the Construction sector who are working in a Policy-makingDirector or Senior management capacity: i.e. Contracts and Production Managers and Commercial ManagersOperations Directors of smaller construction companies, Property and Facilities Managers and Specialist Construction Managers; as well as those in Construction Project Management – i.e. those who oversee projects from inception to decommissioning, who advise stakeholders and who form and lead project delivery teams.

Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Built Environment Design & Consultancy Practice – For employed and self-employed design managers in the construction and built environment sector. It is designed to assess occupational competence in the workplace where learners are required to demonstrate skills and knowledge to a level required in the construction industry. This qualification is accessible to design managers working for the contractor and those who provide consultancy services.

All qualifications lead to either the Gold (Supervisor) and Black (Manager) CSCS cards. Level 6 & 7 NVQs also lead to professional status with The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)The Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE)The Institute of Clerk of Works and Construction Inspectorate (ICWCI) and The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

To find more information about the qualification you believe you have access to, please click on the link provided above or give us a call on (01952) 287366

Level 2 NVQ - Plant / Vehicle Marshaller

CADUK, Quality Provider’s of Plant & Controlling Lifting Operations NVQs

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) have introduced new instructions to Awarding Bodies and NVQ Centres to ensure that the assessment of (construction) Plant & Controlling Lifting Operations NVQs are valid, effective and consistent, and have credibility across the Construction and Built Environment sector.

Due to some poor practice by some NVQ Centres and the extremely high risk associated with Plant and Lifting Operations, the CITB have made it clear that all reputable and accredited NVQ assessment centres, verifiers and assessors “must maintain robust and transparent operational arrangements to promote the quality and transparency of  their assessment, certification and quality assurance processes”.

Furthermore the CITB have made it mandatory that all accredited NVQ Centres direct their assessors to use the following assessment methods as the primary source for meeting the requirements of assessment through normal performance in the workplace.

  •  Observation of performance by the assessor or assessors
  •  Witness testimony or testimonies by an expert witness/witnesses
  •  Professional discussion.

In addition, all submitted evidence must support skills, knowledge and understanding attained through performance in the workplace for at least a six (6) month period.

Those employers, or self employed operatives, supervisors and managers who are engaging with Plant & Controlling Lifting Operations NVQ providers should therefore carry out simple due diligence to ensure that they are dealing with reputable and accredited companies that will carry out the assessment professionally in line with these new guidelines.

In addition to the standard due diligence checks such as checking the Companies House register, checking company reviews online etc, you can quickly determine whether you are dealing with a trusted and professional NVQ Centre by asking centre staff or their Assessors to produce evidence of the following:

  1. Centre Approval status to offer qualifications from an Awarding Organisation such as SQA, City & Guilds, Pearson/Edexcel, NOCN and ProQual.
  2. An External Systems Verification Report from an Awarding Organisation confirming their risk level status.

The documents above should be readily available for any reputable NVQ centre, so if a provider cannot produce these documents, you should simply not engage with them. Remember the old saying “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”.

CADUK were recently awarded a “Centre of the Year in the Wider UK” Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Star Award for our unique and innovative approach to delivering National Vocational Qualifications in Construction Plant & Controlling Lifting Operations, and received a High Confidence Rating in a recent SQA Verification Visit. We have helped over a 1000 people achieve their NVQs, so you can be confident that we will provide you with the best possible service.

Source: Construction News

CSCS Profiled Route Now Closed

The CSCS Profiled Route was introduced in 2011 as a route to the Black or Gold Card for construction site managers or supervisors who have on-site experience but no nationally recognised qualification in construction. As of 1st April 2016 CSCS are no longer accepting applications for the Profiled Route, with the announcement made by the construction leadership council that the Profiled Route no longer supports industry’s desire for a fully qualified workforce.

To find out more about why Profiled Route is closed visit the changes to Profiled Route webpage.

Applicants will still be able to apply for a Construction Site Manager or Construction Site Supervisor CSCS card, but will be required to complete an NVQ/SVQ levels 4, 5, 6 or 7*.

What to do next:

To obtain the Gold Supervisory Card you must now complete the NVQ Level 4 Diploma in Construction Site Supervision.

To obtain the Black Managers Card you must now complete the NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Construction Site Management.


Source: CSCS