Construction Management NVQs

Our Pearson Edexcel Construction Management NVQs provide candidates with the opportunity to apply for MCIOB, AssocRICS, ACABE, ICWCI and the Black CSCS card.

Regulated competence-based qualifications (NVQs) at levels 6/7 are comparable to Bachelor/Master Degrees.

Learners are required to respond to questions by collecting evidence from their workplace and providing a written or verbal statement against this evidence. In this statement they will essentially describe how they use this evidence in their work role and provide examples of projects and scenarios where the documentation was used. The assessor will review the evidence that has been collected to ensure that all the areas of the NVQ units have been covered.

Why should I complete an NVQ?

With a little effort on your part, The relevant NVQ can take your career wherever you want it to go.  The NVQ framework in construction is designed to help you make progress in your career. Having an NVQ  gives you a better chance of changing jobs or having access to work abroad.

NVQs tell your employer a lot about you. By gaining an NVQ, you are making a strong statement about your will to succeed in your job, particularly if you have paid for it yourself. You are saying that your skill level matters to you and you want to improve.

What are the benefits of a Construction Management NVQ?

Provides access to the CSCS Black Card
Provides access to professional recognition (CIOB, RICS, CABE, ICWCI)
Ensures that the individual is complying with CDM Regulations
Demonstrates competence to industry’s occupational standard
Demonstrates a commitment to professional development
Increased earning potential
Increased work opportunities in the UK and abroad

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Construction Management NVQs are primarily delivered online though our unique and simple to use ePortfolio system. Candidates will be assessed by one of our specialist Construction Managers, all of whom hold or are working towards MCIOB or FCIOB status.

The assessment process is conducted from distance using a variety of communication methods to suit the individual learner, such as Skype, Telephone, Email, Remote Desktop and our online ePortfolio system. Our bespoke online process enables learners to access NVQs from any internet connected computer anywhere in the world.

Where appropriate we also have the option for learners to be assessed directly on-site, or here at our office in Telford.

Academic qualifications such as HNCs/HNDs/degrees are an opportunity to enter an industry.

Competence-based qualifications however are far more relevant to the experienced construction manager because they provide recognition of skills, knowledge, experience and confidence that has already been developed over time in the industry.

Achievement of an NVQ is entirely down to the learner’s own motivation. We provide support for one year, however these Construction Management qualifications are realistically achievable within 1–3 months.

Our interactive online process enables candidates to achieve the qualification in a much shorter time frame that traditional on-site NVQs. There are no exams, no workshops to attend, no site visits, and no need to take time of work.

No. NVQs aren’t about how good you are at exams, they are about how good you are at work. NVQs never involve written tests, they don’t involve trick questions – they are designed to let your skills, knowledge and experience shine through in practical ways.

NVQs relate to the real world and many certificate holders and their employers will tell you that this is their main advantage. NVQs are not about going back to school. They are about going where you want to go in your career.

NVQs have no formal entry requirements,  however potential candidates must be able to demonstrate to us that they have the skills, knowledge and experience required in order to achieve the qualification. This is confirmed through our profiling process. We will never enrol any learner onto an NVQ program unless we are sure that the qualification is actually achievable.

Yes. UK regulated qualifications are recognised all over the world. Many of our learners are now working abroad because they achieved an NVQ.

Completion of a Level 6/7 NVQ provides the learner with the opportunity to apply for:

Membership of the Chartered Association of Building: MCIOB

Once the individual has become a Member of The Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB), they cab also apply for the following:

Associate Membership of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors: AssocRICS

Associate Membership of The Chartered Institute of Building Engineers: ACABE

Our Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Senior Site Inspetion provides access to Membership of The Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate: MICWCI

The Red Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager CSCS card is issued on a temporary basis, while a Construction related NVQ is being achieved. It is available to Supervisors and Managers with on the job experience (normally at least one year in the last three). The card is valid for three years and cannot be renewed.

To access this card, learners must first register and enrol on a qualifying NVQ. CADUK can provide learners that require this temporary CSCS card with the required proof of Awarding Body registration and accompanying documentation to enable them to apply.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Chris Devereaux MCIOB
T Denman and Sons Ltd
"I undertook an NVQ level 6 with CADUK. I would highly recommend the service they provide. They were brilliant from the start assisting me with informed advice and ensuring the qualification I was looking to undertake was the right route suited to my abilities and requirements. The assessor was also exemplary in his assistance and knowledge. Great service and support from a great team. 10/10"
Neil James
West Midlands Safari Park
"Great service, support and tutorship throughout. I have developed more than I ever expected going through my Level 7 NVQ in Construction Senior Management. I would highly recommend CADUK to anyone wishing to develop themselves and gain a recognised construction based NVQ qualification."
Ewan Davies-Smith MCIOB
Babcock International Group
"I completed my NVQ7 and found CADUK to be extremely professional from start to finish. I was working in a remote location at the time, the online portal enabled me to upload my evidence and write ups for review as I completed each part. This, along with the ability for the assessor to provide very quick feedback, showed to me why CADUK are at the forefront of delivering NVQ qualifications."
Luke Baker MCIOB
LEB Construction Ltd
"I recently completed my NVQ L7 Senior Construction Management, from my initial call to receiving my certificate I found the team to be professional throughout. Many thanks for the support though the process".
Colin Christian
Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Ltd
"Just completed an NVQ7 with CADUK and found the whole process well managed and straightforward. Easy to apply, and the portfolio system allows you to work seamlessly accross a number of platforms. Good support and communications throughout from the team at CADUK and the assigned tutor for your course. A great experience and highly recommended for anyone trying to balance study with a full time role."
Niall fennessy
Process & Industrial Design Ltd
"I have just completed my NVQ Level 6 Construction Contracting Operations Management and I cannot rate CADUK highly enough. Overall, this has been a dream come true for me to achieve this qualification. A major plus for me was that I was able to complete this course and maintain a busy full time job. A massive thank you to CADUK for the excellent service you provide."