We’re a CITB Approved Training Organisation

We're a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO)

CADUK are a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO). This means that we’ve demonstrated to CITB that we deliver our qualifications to a defined industry standard.

Our CITB ‘ATO’ status enables our CITB registered customers to claim back up to £1500 for each construction-specific qualification through the Short Period Qualification Grants scheme.

This grant scheme covers directly employed staff on the payroll, and all subcontractors.

Who can apply for the grant?

You can apply if you’re a CITB Registered employer and up to date with your Levy Returns, as well as fulfilling CITB’s general Grants Scheme policy.

The grant also applies to small employers (i.e. those with a wage bill of less than £80k) who don’t actually pay the levy.

To check if your company is eligible to claim please call CITB on 0344 994 4455.

Which NVQs are eligible?

All of our Construction-specific qualifications from NVQ Levels 2-7 are eligible for the CITB grant (provided that the qualification is funded from a CITB registered company).

This includes Plant Operations, Controlling Lifting Operations, Construction Supervision and Construction Management NVQs. 

If you’re unsure, just ask us or alternatively follow the link below to view the entire suite of qualifications that are eligible:


How much does the Grant cover?

CITB announced a major increase in the GITB grant effective from 1st April 2023.

The new structure is as follows:

  • £600 for a Level 2 NVQ
  • £1200 for a Level 3 – 4 NVQ
  • £1500 for a Level 6 – 7 NVQ

Previously the grant scheme was £600 across the board, from Level 2-7, so the new structure really is a significant increase.

Please note: In order to qualify for the increased amount, the NVQ certificate of completion must be dated April 2023 onwards. Certificates dated before April 2023 will still be eligible for the previous grant amount of £600.

Are CADUK's Health and Safety NVQs eligible?

Unfortunately our Health and Safety qualifications at Levels 6 and 7 are not eligible for the CITB Grant because they’re not construction-specific and are accessible to candidates from a range of other industries such as retail, oil and gas, corporate business etc.  

How do I make a claim?

You must submit your application within 52 weeks of your NVQ achievement date.

On completion of your NVQ, you will need to fill out a CITB Grant application form which you can download by clicking the appropriate link below:

The form only takes a few minutes to complete and requires basic information such as your company’s CITB registration number & contact information as well as the name, registration number, DOB, and completion dates of the learners.

Please note: These NVQs are classed as “Short-period qualifications” on the claim form.

You can then email the completed form along with a scanned copy of the learner’s certificates of achievement to and you’re done. 

The claim will usually be processed within around 4 weeks.

How can I find out more information

For support on applying for the grant or to confirm eligibility, please contact your CITB Advisor or call the Customer Services team on 0344 994 4455.

Additional information on the Short Qualification Grant can also be found here.