Level 2 NVQ - Mobile Crane

SQA Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Plant Operations - Mobile Crane

This SQA Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Plant Operations is accessible to Mobile Crane operators that have successfully completed the CPCS Mobile Crane course (CPCS Code A60) and are already in possession of the Red CPCS card.

The key unit for this qualification is Unit 387D: Preparing and Operating Mobile Cranes to Lift and Transfer Loads in the Workplace which demonstrates that you can competently and safety operate this category of plant.

Candidates must also have at least 6 months experience operating this category of plant on a real construction site environment.

Achievement of this qualification enables candidates to upgrade their Red CPCS card to the Blue ‘Competent Operator’ card.


A: Blocked duties only
B: Pick-and-carry duties only
C: All duties

What are the benefits of this Level 2 NVQ?

Fast-track on-site observation
Access to CPCS Blue card
Increased work opportunities
Increased earning potential

Frequently asked questions

This NVQ consists of three units in total, two general units relating to health and safety and conforming to site based processes and procedures, and one unit that is specifically related to operating this category of plant.

The three units required for this qualification are:

(General) Unit 641: Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace.

(General) Unit 642: Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace.

(Specific) Unit 387D: Preparing and Operating Mobile Cranes to Lift and Transfer Loads in the Workplace.

Please Note: If you have previously completed a Level 2 NVQ in (Construction) Plant Operations and have already passed the two general units above (i.e. Units 641 & 642) you will not need to complete these units again. You will only be required to achieve the unit related to the specific category of plant.

All of our assessors for this level 2 NVQ are highly experienced, qualified construction professionals who have either previously been, or are currently still operating as a plant operators themselves.

Having vast real-world experience in the role, our lifting assessors are in a position to provide relevant and useful advice and guidance that adds genuine value to your qualification.

Our fast-track route involves our assessor coming to site to conduct the assessment, ensuring that the qualification is achieved in the same day.

This route is particularly beneficial for those whose CPCS cards need urgent renewal or upgrade.

The fast-track route to achieve this Level 2 qualification is only available to established operators that are experienced and confident in their role.

The evidence collected demonstrates competence that has already been developed over time. This particular route therefore is not suitable for those who are still developing their abilities in this occupation.

The assessor will confirm that the candidate:

  1. Has completed the A60 CPCS Mobile Crane training.
  2. Holds the red trained operator CPCS card.
  3. Has a further 6 months experience on-site.

Prior to registering for this qualification the assessor will require a supervisor in the workplace to act as an expert witness to confirm that the individual is competent in their role and confident in their abilities.

Only candidates that meet these requirements may be eligible for the fast-track assessment route.

Once the NVQ has been successfully completed and verified by our IV staff we will request your NVQ certificate from the awarding body.

Generally the learner will have the certificate of achievement delivered to their home address within 10 days, this certificate can be used to upgrade the Red (trained operator) CPCS card to the Blue (competent operator) card.

If the CPCS card is required urgently, we have the facility to enable the candidate to apply for their CPCS blue card within 2 days of the successful assessment taking place. The candidate therefore does not need to wait for the certificate to arrive by post.

NVQs are UK regulated qualifications, they are valid for life and do not expire.

CADUK are an Award Winning NVQ centre that have delivered over 1000 NVQs in (construction) Plant and Lifting Operations.

Our unique electronic recording system was recently recognised at the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Star Awards at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow for our “unique approach to delivering qualifications”.

Our fast-track interactive, online system enables candidates to access Blue CPCS cards within a few days of the assessment.

Qualification cost

£720.00 + VAT

Price includes registration fees.

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    We are very proud to receive an SQA Star Award for our innovative, fast-track assessment process of delivering Plant & Lifting Operations NVQs on site. Nick Asprey, Director

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    Ionut Tega
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    "I was very happy with my nvq level 4 in supervising lifts. I learned a lot about safe lifting operations and have improved my way of work. Now my employer has more trust that I am working safely"
    Temi Olajuwon
    "It was a great opportunity and excellent experience to be assessed by CADUK for my NVQ. The Training helped me to do my job with care and confidence. I will recommend CADUK to anyone that needs quality and quantitative Training to boost their efficiency and Professionalism at the work place."
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    "The service I received was brilliant from start to finish. The assessor that came to site was a fellow of the institute of building and was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend the level 3 nvq fast track route CAD UK offer to anyone looking for professional qualification and a CSCS card."

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