What is the Red CSCS Card?

The Red Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager CSCS card is issued on a temporary basis, while a Construction related NVQ is being achieved.

This card is available to Supervisors and Managers with on the job experience (normally at least one year in the last three). On completion of an NVQ it will be replaced by a Blue, Gold or Black skilled card.

Red Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager CSCS Card

The 'Catch22' Situation

Experienced Supervisors and Managers in Construction often find that their employment opportunities are extremely limited if they don’t hold an appropriate CSCS card.  In order to access a Gold or Black CSCS card, they must now achieve an appropriate level NVQ.

An NVQ is a competence based assessment qualification that involves the identification, collation and assessment of workplace evidence. Achievement of an NVQ when you are in work is relativity straight forward because the workplace evidence is all around you.

The ‘Catch22’ situation occurs when Supervisors and Managers find themselves out of work and no longer have access to this workplace evidence. They can’t access the card without the work, but they can’t access the work without the card.

The solution to this dilemma is to apply for the Red Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager CSCS card to enable you to gain access to work, and thereby achieve the NVQ.

How long is the Red Card valid for?

The Red CSCS card is valid for three years and cannot be renewed. An appropriate construction related NVQ must be achieved within this period.

Do I need to take the CITB Health & Safety test?

Yes, in order to access this temporary CSCS card applicants must be registered for a relevant Construction related NVQ and have passed the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test within the past two years.

For Supervisor occupations you should take the Supervisors test and for Manager occupations you should take the Managers and Professionals test.

How can I apply for this card?

To access this card, you must first register and enrol on a qualifying NVQ and complete the CITB Health, Safety and Environmental test. To find out the level of Health, Safety and Environment test you should take please check your occupation here.

CADUK will then provide you with:

  1. confirmation that we have identified the appropriate qualification that best suits your skills, knowledge and experience.
  2. confirmation that you have been officially registered onto the qualification with the Awarding Body.

You will then need to  email both of these documents to the CITB (cscs@citb.co.uk) first, then call CITB on 0344 99 44 777 to apply for the Red Experienced Worker CSCS Card.

*Please note: CADUK provide support for a period of 1 year for all of our NVQs. It is therefore expected that any learner that applies for this card completes their NVQ within one year of registration.

How do I get started?

For more information on the Red Experienced Worker card or to find out which NVQ you have access to, please contact us on 01952 287 366 or email us at info@caduk.co.uk

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