Construction Managers – You don’t know what you know!

Construction Manager

Construction Managers – You don’t know what you know!

At CADUK we often speak with highly experienced, expert Construction Managers that don’t fully appreciate the complexity of the job they do every day. Since they’re surrounded by other construction professionals day-in-day-out; their role becomes second nature. They take their vast knowledge and expertise for granted and often will approach us regarding a qualification far below the level that they’re actually working at.

When we tell them that they actually have access to a Level 7 NVQ which is comparable to a Masters degree and will enable them to become Members of the Chartered Institute of Building and use the post-nominal letters (MCIOB) after their name, they are either shocked, or simply don’t believe us. They’re worried that once they start the qualification they’ll be exposed as not ‘knowing it all’ or won’t be able to ‘live up’ to the NVQ.

We ask them to complete our profiling tool questionnaire (click here to access it) for the Level 7 NVQ and speak with one of our NVQ assessors to carry out a profiling session (essentially to make 100% sure that the qualification is achievable). Once the assessor has broken down each of the units in ‘plain English’ and described the evidence requirements they then begin to realise that they are actually doing all of it, every day. This gives them the confidence to start the process, but they’re still hesitant.

Only when the first unit has been completed do they start to appreciate just how much knowledge and expertise they have gained over the years, and they they really are working at a level that’s comparable with a Masters degree. They have been challenged by their assessor – a fellow Construction Manager (most of whom are also Fellows of The CIOB) and were able to ‘hold their own’ every step of the way. By the end of the process they’re in no doubt that they earned their qualification. This is when we have often heard words to the effect of “I didn’t know what I knew!“.

Don’t take our word for it though, click here to see our Google reviews and see what our customers think after they have completed their qualification with us.

The level 7 NVQ is assessed though ‘Professional Discussion’ with your Assessor. There is no written work, no classroom-based elements, and the whole assessment can be achieved remotely (without the Assessor coming to site) through our unique assessment process. We’ve been assessing this Level 7 qualification for over 15 years and our Assessors are experts in the delivery of this NVQ.

All of our Assessors are Members of The CIOB as a minimum, most are even Fellows of CIOB so you know you’ll be supported and guided by a proven industry expert who can really add value to your NVQ experience.

Candidates have 12 months to complete this qualification, although many of our candidates complete within 1-3 months!

If you’re prepared to put in the effort and focus on your own development, we at CADUK can help you realise your true potential and increase your earning possibilities through the achievement of the Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management, Black CSCS card, and Chartered status with The CIOB.

We will never enrol you on a qualification unless we are sure that you have the required skills, knowledge and experience to be successful. To find out if you have access to this qualification, please click here to access our profiling tool or call us on (01952) 287 366.

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  1. Willie Diggin

    I completed my NVQ 7 with CADUK and Gary and team best course I ever took part in and it has elevated me ever since in the work place

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