Academically Qualified Construction Managers, Future-proof Yourself

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Academically Qualified Construction Managers, Future-proof Yourself

There are many experienced managers in the construction industry such as Quantity Surveyors, Planners, Estimators, Design Managers, Site Engineers, Construction Managers, Project Managers, Commercial Managers, Contract Managers, Property Developers, Facility/Estate Managers who have achieved high level academic qualifications in construction management HNC, HND, Degrees who are dismissing the idea of undertaking an NVQ because they feel that their academic achievements have far more value.

Many argue that it took over 3 years to achieve their academic qualifications, paid an extortionate amount of money, burnt the midnight oil, attended workshops and lectures and undertook rigorous exams in the pursuit of academic excellence.

This may well be true, but to ignore the benefits of undertaking a competence based assessment qualification (NVQ) when you have access to one (at level 6 or 7) could be counterproductive in terms of professional development and access to work opportunities. This is particularly prevalent in the construction industry where competence based qualifications are seen to have more value than academic qualifications i.e. you cannot gain access to a Black CSCS card with an academic qualification.  The truth is vocational qualifications complement academic qualifications because they demonstrate that the knowledge and skills that have been developed in a learning environment have now been applied in the workplace.

The NVQ assessment process might seem less rigorous than an academic qualification, but don’t let this fool you. Although the assessment process has no requirement for you to undertake exams, carry out project and assignments, undertake research or writing essays i.e. assessment methods normally associated with increased rigour, the process of NVQ assessment is meaningful, thoughtful and systematic and designed to encourage the individual to reflect on their own professional practice to confirm that you have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to conduct your role to an industry standard.  Competence-based qualifications are not training courses, they provide recognition of skills, knowledge, experience and confidence that has already been developed over time in the industry.

CADUK are specialists in the delivery of the Level 6 & 7 NVQs in Construction Management and are regularly asked by prospective learners for our advice and guidance as to the next steps in terms of their professional development. All of our Assessors and Internal Verifiers at level  7 are Members or Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Building. So if you have a high level academic qualification and want to have a chat about the benefits of competence based assessments and help with identifying the right NVQ for you, please send us an enquiry on our website or give us a call us on (01952) 287366.

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