Route to the Black CSCS Card and MCIOB for Construction Managers

Construction Manager

Route to the Black CSCS Card and MCIOB for Construction Managers

Construction Managers, Project Managers, Contracts and Production Managers, Commercial Managers, Operations Directors, Property Managers, and Facilities Managers can access the Black CSCS card and become Chartered with The CIOB, through the achievement of the Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management, a qualification comparable to a Masters Degree in terms of academic value.

This qualification is the highest-level competence-based qualification in construction and is only accessible to established, experienced, senior managers. It is not suitable for those still developing their abilities in construction management.

This qualification is assessed entirely through ‘professional discussion’ and involves no classroom-based element or even any written work.

The first stage of the process requires you to collect various workplace documents (evidence) together and upload them to our online ePortfolio system ready for your MCIOB/FCIOB assessor to review. These documents will be used to prompt the professional discussion and will include things such as a program, phase plan, project risk register, scope of works, health and safety policy, emails, minutes of meetings, etc. .

Once the assessor has ‘approved’ your documentation (evidence) the next stage of the process is to conduct the professional discussion, which will be carried out online via Zoom.

During this discussion the assessor will select various key items of your submitted evidence and will ask you to describe the working process of the document in relation to the questions.

In essence, the assessor is asking you to describe in detail how you carry out your role, how the documentation ties-in with that process, and to provide real-life examples of projects where that process has been implemented. There are no ‘theory-based’ questions, the assessor doesn’t want to know how you ‘would’ do X, Y & Z, they want to know how you ‘did’ it.

Once the professional discussions are finished, the NVQ process is complete and you can apply for the Black ‘Manager’ CSCS card and get the ball rolling on your “fast-track” application to become Chartered with The CIOB.

Since this qualification is assessed through a discussion-based assessment where candidates can expect to be ‘challenged’ by a construction specialist NVQ assessor (all of our Level 7 assessors are industry experts and Members/Fellows of The CIOB), it is therefore only suitable for construction managers with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the role, who are very confident in their abilities.

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